Independent Network

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Independent Network is still as committed as it was in 1996, to ensuring its members offer the consistently high standards homeowners like you want and deserve. Membership would mean nothing if a company’s standards were allowed to slip. So, once a company is accepted, we keep a close eye on them, continually checking their work. After each and every installation, customers are asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire, where they can highlight any good practice or point out any problems that need to be addressed. Prospective members are rigorously vetted before being allowed to join Independent Network, and this ensures that only the very best, most professional companies are admitted.


Our trusted installers

The great thing about choosing a local uPVC window company displaying the Independent Network logo is you know you’ve found trusted window installers who will do an excellent, top quality job for you. Because, only the very best companies in the industry can become a member of Independent Network.

We really check out our prospective members, and before a company can join us, they have to prove themselves to offer the highest levels of professionalism, value for money, customer satisfaction and expert advice.

Which is why, on average, our trusted window installers and Independent Network members, achieve around a 97% customer satisfaction rating, compared to the industry’s average of just 83%. Which just goes to show the difference looking for our logo can make!