Huw Jones – Bridgend

Huw Jones – Bridgend This is a testimonial to thanks Mister Window Company for installing the best front door on Park Court Road Bridgend!!. We had Steve Cody around to the house to measure up for a quote for a new front door. Steve then gave us various catalogues to look at to decide on a style and make of the door, unfortunately for Steve, I showed this to my wife after she had completed a detailed analysis of all my options, she had narrowed it down to 10 possibilities. I timidly asked Steve for a price on all 10 doors. Steve got back to me promptly with all the various combinations of glass, handles, and letterboxes we had asked for. After studying the prices, i realised why Mister Window does not do the hard sell. It’s because after you see the prices you will be chasing them!. Mister Window fitted the new front door and removed the old excuse for a door and left everything looking perfect. So if you want a reliable company to fit a great front door at a great price you know who to call.